Effective April 1, 2022, Empower officially acquired the full-service retirement business of Prudential. For more details, review the important information associated with the acquisition PDF File opens in a new window.


Are you starting to think about how to generate retirement income from your savings?

Taking some important steps now can help you get ready:

  • Use the Retirement Income Calculatoropens in new window to learn how much more you may need to save.
  • Consider a one-time contribution or rolling over outside savings from other retirement accounts.
  • Consider taking advantage of the .
The Department of State Treasurer's checklistopens in new window allows members to transfer all or a portion of their NC 401(k) and/or NC 457 balances into the Retirement System to receive an additional monthly lifetime benefit.

Before you decide to roll your money out...

You may be considering moving your money somewhere else, but before you do, you should know exactly what your costs are.

This tool compares costs to help you make an informed decision, because the NC Plans are competitively priced:*


The Experts:
Additional information:
  • Call the Department of State Treasurer at
    877-NCSecure (877-627-3287).
  • Visit the .

Rollover assets may be assessed fees or other surrender charges. Please contact current account provider for this information.